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Join the list of satisfied business owners who have built their websites with our service:

“Localbookmarkit.it gave me the necessary tools and support I needed to get a jump-start on having my Mobile Marketing Consulting website up and running in a short period of time. The back office interface was easy to use and navigate. If you have any experience with using Microsoft Office, you'll have no problem with setting up and maintaing your own website. It was definitely a good use of my time and investment, and if you are serious about getting a website online for your business or organization but don't want all the hassle or budget nightmare of having a web design company build your site, I highly recommend using Localbookmark.it.”

Eric Carder | Advertising Agency | Phoenix, AZ | Website


"We used other website creation services in the past and couldn't stand looking at the site!  The Localbookmark.it website product showcases our business in a way I thought it would take thousands of dollars to create, and it's a completely hands free solution, letting me worry about my business, not my business website."

Maria Lopez | Real Estate Agent | Round Rock, TX | Website  


"When I needed a website but didn't have the budget to hire a programmer to build the site, I turned to Localbookmark.it. The site I chose looks like I spent thousands of dollars and is so simple to edit even I can do it!"

Rita Castillo | Pilates Instructor | Scottsdale, AZ | Website  


"I still can't believe how easy it was for me to create a website! I picked out my URL, chose my favorite website design, answered the business questions and localbookmark.it did the rest!"

Don Davis | Architect | Lubbock, TX | Website  


"I'm a restaurant owner, not a website programmer, so being able to have a technology partner like Localbookmark.it has enabled me to do what I do best, serve customers, not worry about my website.  And the best part is that not only does the site inform current customers, it's so search engine friendly that it's brought hundreds of new visitors to the site organically, I can honestly say we've grown our business by leaps and bounds since signing up for the site."

Jeff Workman | Restaurant Owner | Round Rock, TX  

"After Localbookmark.it built our site we almost instantly starting getting new leads, helping us to grow our business, even during a difficult economic period.  The Localbookmark.it staff has always been there to assist me with any questions that I've had, I definitely recommend their website service to anyone who needs a site that works on the web and on mobile phones.

Nelson Nagle | Commercial Leasing | Round Rock, TX  

The Opportunity
Does your business still not have a website?  With hundreds of millions of potential customers searching the web each day for local companies, if you don't have a website you are losing out to your competitors.

The Solution
The Easy Website Creator service helps local businesses publish professionally designed websites, specific to over 300 industries - all in a matter of minutes, with no programming expertise needed at all!

The Price
Something this customized & hands-free has to be expensive, right? Absolutely not! With pricing starting at only $9.95 a month, you've run out of excuses for not getting your company online.

Easy Site Creator from LocalBookmarkIt makes it ridiculously simple to create a business website.

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