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The Easy Website Creator Service in the News:


Local Company Helps Small Businesses Reach Mobile Internet Users Easily

Research and beta testing is done, and the result is a business website hosting service with a difference — sites hosted through LocalBookmark.it are automatically optimized for viewing on iPhones and Android mobile devices without any special coding or design work. Read More or Download Newspaper Article PDF (25 MB File)



Easy Site Creator: Create A Website In Three Steps

Although website creation has become much easier today than a decade ago, a majority of businesses still do not have a website. A reason for this is they do not know where to start, but most of the time, they just think it is too difficult and costly. Easy Site Creator from LocalBookmarkIt is a new service that makes it ridiculously simple to create a business website. Read More


Global, Local and Mobile all Converge in Lubbock

LocalBookmark.it has taken to the mobile hosting world and made it the fledgling company’s specialty. The site, whose builder was recently profiled in LubbockOnline.com, started out with a site that was designed to allow people to share local listings for their favorite destinations. Of course, there is plenty of competition in this field and, according to the site, the company decided to offer a different service: mobile hosting. Read More



Create a Mobile-Friendly Website in 5 Minutes

The Easy Website Creator service enables small businesses to build web and mobile sites on an automated basis. Due to the high costs and unpredictability of the iPhone acceptance policy, the Easy Site Creator service allows local businesses an alternative, allowing them to build smartphone friendly websites. Read More


Building a Mobile Website Just Got 'Easy'

If a mobile user visits a site that has been created with Localbookmark.it’s website builder, they will be automatically shown a smartphone-friendly version of the company’s site, making it much easier and convenient to navigate compared to the typical ‘desktop-only’ website that 99.9% of businesses have today.


Localbookmark.it Enables Churches and Ministries to Have Smartphone Friendly Websites Built in Minutes

I found a great resource today.  Localbookmark.it has launched a Church website creator service that enables Faith-Based Ministries to build websites that are also pre-configured to work seamlessly on mobile devices, such as the iPhone or Android phones. Read More


EasySite.LocalBookmark.It - Build Your Own Site

Some people are daunted by the mere thought of having a website built and maintained. They are clearly seeing everything in terms that have been long redefined - were they acquainted with services such as this one, they would realize how simple some things are today. Read More


Tech Attitude: Industry specific webpages with Localbookmark.it

When you’re on-the-go, it can be incredibly frustrating to search for local businesses on iPhones and Android devices when the business doesn’t have a mobile friendly version of their website.  One company is looking to providing a solution for this issue. Read More


Localbookmark.it Enables Local Businesses to Have Smartphone Friendly Websites Built in Minutes

Localbookmark.it has launched a website creator service that enables local businesses to build industry-specific websites that are also pre-configured to work seamlessly on mobile devices, such as the iPhone or Android phones. Read More


How to Create a Smartphone Friendly Website in Minutes

Last Fall, when Tech entrepreneur Allison Davis was visiting sunny Austin, TX, she took out her iPhone and attempted to find a nearby restaurant in downtown Austin, and was shocked that not a single restaurant website she visited was optimized for her iPhone.  This made it difficult to navigate the restaurant websites while she simultaneously tried to navigate the street! Read More

The Opportunity
Does your business still not have a website?  With hundreds of millions of potential customers searching the web each day for local companies, if you don't have a website you are losing out to your competitors.

The Solution
The Easy Website Creator service helps local businesses publish professionally designed websites, specific to over 300 industries - all in a matter of minutes, with no programming expertise needed at all!

The Price
Something this customized & hands-free has to be expensive, right? Absolutely not! With pricing starting at only $9.95 a month, you've run out of excuses for not getting your company online.

Easy Site Creator from LocalBookmarkIt makes it ridiculously simple to create a business website.

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